Financing & Investment Tools

Through a variety of incentive programs, grants and resources, Pinellas offers personalized assistance for businesses starting, relocating, or expanding operations in the County. Pinellas County Economic Development works together with municipal and economic development partners to support companies investing and expanding their operations and workforce base in Pinellas communities.

Incentive and funding options for businesses

Pinellas County has established several local economic development resources that provide support for companies relocating to or expanding in Pinellas, and for companies creating jobs and/or investing in their workforce. From capital investment assistance to modernize and build facilities, to expedited permitting, to training incentives to expand the knowledge and skills of future and current employees, Pinellas offers businesses advantages to help plan for success. With a pro-business climate in a state consistently ranked among the best states for business and a streamlined regulatory environment, Pinellas offers a competitive landscape favorable to companies of all sizes, including leading corporations.

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Businesses can count on fast, secure, and reliable processes to manage their tax responsibilities, grants and workforce training programs. How can Pinellas County help your business hit the ground running?