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Pinellas County is committed to attracting top talent and fostering high-wage skills growth by collaborating with partner agencies throughout the region and state to produce and retain the Pinellas workforce needed in today’s business climate.

Strong Talent Pipeline

With a population of 972,852+ and accessible labor market of 1,401,865+ workers within commuting distance, Pinellas County can meet the need for almost any type of skilled labor. Pinellas’ collection of world-class talent is among the top reasons why businesses choose to locate and expand in the County. Employers find that Pinellas County has access to a talent pipeline that is consistently ranked among the best in the nation. With a talented, diverse, and abundant workforce, Pinellas County has the programs, resources, training and education partners that continue to build talent with in-demand skills of that help businesses thrive.

Whether your company is looking to locate or expand in Pinellas County, our professionals and workforce partners are ready to assist your business with recruitment, training or retention strategies.

Looking for talent and recruitment assistance?

Strong partnerships exist between Pinellas County, training and education institutions, workforce development agencies and training grants funders to provide innovative solutions to employers. Make an appointment with Pinellas County Economic Development’s experts today to learn how your business can benefit from workforce partnerships and assistance.

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Additional Talent & Workforce Resources

Quick Facts

44.3% of Pinellas residents have an Associates Degree or Higher

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66.2% of Pinellas residents have white collar jobs

$61,471 is Pinellas’ Average Annual Wage

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1,401,865+ Population within a 35-minute commute

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For more information about workforce resources in Pinellas County, contact:

Jenee Skipper, SHRM-CP, Business Support Specialist.

Industry 4.0

With a focus on collaboration in workforce development and talent attraction, Pinellas County, FL is helping manufacturers take Industry 4.0 to the next generation through strategic partnerships, education and development of the talent pipeline.

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Networking Forum Creates Opportunities for Pinellas Defense Industry

Pinellas County Economic Development (PCED) hosted a Defense Networking Forum in partnership with The Maritime and Defense Technology Hub (The Hub), the Global Forensic Justice Center at Florida International University, and sponsors Alakai Defense and the Florida Defense Contractors Association. 

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