Venture Capital

Florida Venture Forum

The Florida Venture Forum is Florida’s largest support and networking organization for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. The organization helps startups and high-growth companies connect with the capital and services they need to grow and scale.

Their membership includes most major dealmakers active in Florida, including seed, angel and venture funds, as well as most major accounting, law and investment banking firms active in our space.

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Florida Opportunity Fund

Launched in 2008, the Florida Opportunity Fund provides venture capital to emerging Florida companies, leverages additional capital resources, builds relationships with experienced entrepreneurs to lead growth companies, and partners with other organizations to strengthen the early-stage finance ecosystem in Florida. Since its inception, the Florida Opportunity Fund has made direct investments in 25 companies and 8 venture capital funds. Based on the information provided by those companies, more than 4,600 Florida jobs have been created or retained as of June 30, 2019.

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Florida Growth Fund

The Florida Growth Fund initiative is a result of the Florida Technology and Growth Act of 2008. The act allows the SBA to invest up to 1.5% of Florida Retirement System Pension Fund (FRS) assets in technology and growth enterprises that have significant presence in Florida. Technology and growth investments include, but are not limited to, space technology, aerospace and aviation engineering, computer technology, renewable energy, and medical and life sciences.

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