Sustainability & Resiliency

Strategic Investments in Ecosystems.

Pinellas County is making strategic investments in local and regional economic growth, focusing on building sustainable and resilient ecosystems to drive communities, and the county, toward industries and the economy of the future. Investing in economic resilience means communities have the ability to recover quickly from a shock, withstand shocks, and the ability to avoid shocks altogether.


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Florida’s Cleantech Industry Cluster

Floridians understand the undeniable link between the sustainability and the economy, and are building a robust cleantech industry, with particular strength in energy, efficiency, and environmental technologies. 

Pinellas County Green Business Partnership

The Green Business Partnership (GBP) is a voluntary assessment that recognizes businesses, business organizations and local governments for their environmental stewardship and sustainable practices. Offered through the University of Florida/IFAS Pinellas County Extension, it encourages conservation of resources, waste reduction, energy conservation and cost savings.

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Where Does It Go? Business Waste Search Tool

Pinellas County’s Where Does It Go? Search Tool offers guidance and local resources for reuse, recycling, and disposal. It is a searchable database that connects you to the right donation centers, recycling facilities, online takeback programs, and more. 

Pinellas County Sustainability and Resiliency Office

Sustainability and Resiliency, an office within County Administration, strives to make Pinellas County more sustainable and resilient to current vulnerabilities and future conditions, promote the wise use of resources, and reduce our overall carbon footprint, through internal governmental practices and external community services.


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Business Continuity Planning

The Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council offers free presentations that examine the economic impact of a disaster on small businesses and discusses useful practices that organizations can implement to help prepare for a disaster event.

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