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Information Technology

Pinellas County is where entrepreneurship, research and innovation intersect to produce the most cutting-edge technologies. From telecommunications companies to AI companies, data processing, SaaS and fintech, businesses are finding the tech talent, infrastructure and programs in Pinellas needed to grow their global reach.

The future of technology starts here.

Pinellas County, Florida is at the forefront of IT innovation. From software to hardware to photonics, to SaaS, companies in Pinellas are leading the way in developing innovation solutions for protecting the security of systems and making lives better and businesses more efficient across the state and the world.

Businesses in Pinellas County can benefit from a pro-business climate, low tax rates, a network of IT industry professionals, a developed broadband infrastructure, and a skilled workforce. With ample assistance to grow your business and create jobs, a robust business eco-system and venture capital, and global access to markets around the world, Pinellas offers the overall economic momentum for Information Technology companies to thrive. Pinellas’ partnership with the U.S. Economic Development Authority, the City of St. Pete, the prestigious Tampa Bay Innovation Center and ARK Invest on the new ARK Innovation Center business incubator has positioned Pinellas County to serve as a regional leader for technology and innovation. Thanks to world-class universities and academic institutions such as St. Petersburg College, the University of South Florida , Florida Polytechnic UniversityUniversity of Central Florida , University of FloridaFlorida State University, which invest heavily into Research & Development, a strong talent pipeline and the most diverse tech workforce, Florida is the #2 state for high-tech employment growth.

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Industry Leaders

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Industry 4.0

With a focus on collaboration in workforce development and talent attraction, Pinellas County, FL is helping manufacturers take Industry 4.0 to the next generation through strategic partnerships, education and development of the talent pipeline.

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Networking Forum Creates Opportunities for Pinellas Defense Industry

Pinellas County Economic Development (PCED) hosted a Defense Networking Forum in partnership with The Maritime and Defense Technology Hub (The Hub), the Global Forensic Justice Center at Florida International University, and sponsors Alakai Defense and the Florida Defense Contractors Association. 

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