Employment Sites Program Application Checklist

The following items will be required to apply for the Employment Sites Program (ESP):

  1. Completed pre-application meeting with Pinellas County Economic Development staff
  2. Map(s) with project boundaries, including project aerial and parcel lines
  3. Reviewed preliminary or approved site plan; building renderings and elevations including: floor plans, gross and rentable building square footage, available building specifications (level of finishes, construction materials), number of on-site parking spaces by type
  4. Development schedule for the project that identifies key milestone dates (permits, construction start, number of months to complete project), any development phasing and what will be constructed during each phase
  5. Certification of financial gap, a document completed by a third-party to verify that a gap in funding exists
  6. Description of financial assistance from other parties including state, county, municipal or other government assistance
  7. Detailed development budget, including any available supporting documentation used to create the estimates. Costs should include: acquisition, design and engineering; site infrastructure; construction; any additional costs associated with development
  8. Jobs created or retained by this project.
  9. List of comparable completed developments that includes: the name of the development, location (city/state), type of development, the total commercial square feet and number of residential units
  10. Documentation indicating site ownership and support of the project

The information below is not required at the time of application, however, following a preliminary Pinellas County Board of County Commission approval, this documentation will be required:

  1. Documentation on status of debt (i.e. letters from potential lenders about how the loan would be structured in order to issue a commitment to fund); a list of equity partners, if available
  2. Survey of site and any environmental assessments related to the project
  3. Market analysis for the project (if there is speculative space in building)
  4. A project impact study or other available studies documenting the project’s economic impact
  5. Public assistance letter
  6. Letter(s) of intent from potential tenants
  7. Development partner letter(s)
  8. Other support documents requested by Pinellas County staff