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Brownfield Land Recycling Program
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Pinellas County's Brownfield Program
Program Overview
Lealman Brownfield Brochure
Program Manual
Description of Process/Glossary


Funding Assessment Application
Individual Application for Designation

Designations, Maps & Properties
Pinellas Designations
Clearwater Brownfields
Largo Brownfields
Ulmerton Road Brownfield Map
Lealman Brownfield Map
St. Petersburg Brownfields
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Additional Links/Tools
Community Redevelopment Areas
Development Updates
Business Incentives

Pinellas County is the second smallest and most densely populated county in Florida. In Pinellas County we have reached buildout, a condition in which virtually no large undeveloped vacant parcels remain. New development is only possible through infill construction and redevelopment of older properties. The community has recognized this situation and has embarked on a unique redevelopment strategy to manage population growth, preserve quality of life, and foster business development. The Brownfield Program is a cornerstone in our redevelopment and community revitalization efforts.

Pinellas Brownfields Program Overview
Description of Process - Glossary of Terms
Pinellas County Brownfields Brochure
Pinellas County Brownfield Redevelopment Manual
Individual Application for Brownfields Designation

For more information contact Dan Nedvidek at or (727) 464-3185.

Real Estate

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Dansville04-24-2017ParcelMap46.pdf PDF (1017.34 KB) Administration 4/24/2017
Dansville156-0076-B (SS) Location Map PDF (1012.08 KB) Administration 5/4/2016
DansvilleRFN-No167-0251-RN.pdf PDF (25.73 MB) Administration 4/25/2017
Dasnville 156-0076-P (SS) Contract for Sale PDF (38.74 KB) Administration 5/4/2016
Deed_Restriction_-_Central__Lots_65_-_70_.pdf PDF (3.18 MB) Administration 11/15/2018
Deed_Restriction_-_South__Lots_61-63_.pdf PDF (4.22 MB) Administration 11/15/2018
FHP 156-0173-P (SS) Appraisal-Johnson.pdf PDF (7.47 MB) Administration 2/22/2016
FHP 156-0173-P (SS) Appraisal-Marr.pdf PDF (2.19 MB) Administration 2/22/2016
FHP 156-0173-P (SS) RFP - Sale of Property.pdf PDF (278.97 KB) Administration 2/22/2016
FHP 156-0173-P Bidders List.pdf PDF (43.03 KB) Administration 4/20/2016
FHP Exhibit E Source Removal Report.pdf PDF (2.51 MB) Administration 2/22/2016
FHP Exhibit F - Phase II ESA Draft.pdf PDF (3.99 MB) Administration 2/22/2016
FHP Exhibits A-D.pdf PDF (434.45 KB) Administration 2/22/2016
FL Incentives Avg Wage Requirements PDF (113.03 KB) Administration 8/12/2015
FL Target Industries PDF (1.74 MB) Administration 8/12/2015
IRB Agenda memo second floor residential.pdf PDF (37.91 KB) Administration 10/7/2015
IRB Appraisal PDF (6.53 MB) Administration 11/17/2015
IRB O2015-21-2nd floor residential LDR amendments PDF (121.31 KB) Administration 10/7/2015
IRBCompleteBidPkITB-156-0311-B(JJ)SaleRealProperty PDF (1.87 MB) Administration 3/22/2016
Lealman Brownfield Map PDF (378.47 KB) Administration 8/12/2015
Lealman_Brownfield_Area_Map.pdf PDF (1.32 MB) Administration 8/4/2020
Lealman_Brownfield_Assessment_Funding_Applicat.pdf PDF (83 KB) Administration 8/4/2020
Lealman_Brownfield_Brochure.pdf PDF (2.27 MB) Administration 8/4/2020
Pinellas Examines Airco Golf Course Potential (TBT PDF (1.75 MB) Administration 8/12/2015
STAR Center Appraisal Report (03-31-2015) PDF (17.54 MB) Administration 8/12/2015
STAR Center Bidders List.pdf PDF (42.95 KB) Administration 10/5/2015
STAR Center RFN PDF (99.62 KB) Administration 8/12/2015
STARCenter-AddendaNo1-145-0359-P(SS).pdf PDF (61.27 KB) Administration 8/18/2015
STARCenter-AddendaNo2-145-0359-P (SS).pdf PDF (70.04 KB) Administration 9/3/2015
STARCenterFlyer04-30-2018 PDF (1.47 MB) Administration 4/30/2018
Summary of Toytown Redevelopment (rev.07/2011) PDF (195.5 KB) Administration 8/12/2015
Symposium Agenda 2017-04-10 PDF (273.96 KB) Administration 4/13/2017
Symposium Map and Parking PDF (588.61 KB) Administration 4/19/2017
TampaBaySites(04-2015)web.pdf PDF (640.93 KB) Administration 3/16/2018
Toytown Addenda 1 - Permit Mod 69633-005-SFIM PDF (1.79 MB) Administration 8/12/2015
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