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STAR Center
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Bid Information
STAR Center Bidders List 
The names of the respondents are currently available, and pursuant to Florida Statute, Section 119.071(1)(b)2, all submittals will be subject to review as public records 30 days from opening, or earlier if an intended decision is reached before the 30-day period expires. 

Request for Negotiation
RFN in the list of current solicitations
Download the RFN as a .pdf
STAR Center Appraisal (03-31-2015)
Young Rainey STAR Center Website

Addendum No.1 -  Statement of Interest
Due date changed to 10/01/2015 @ 3 pm
Addendum No. 2 - Questions & Responses (09/03/2015) 

Investment Tools
Advantages of Pinellas
Florida's Target Industries
State of Florida Incentives
Average Wage Requirements

Questions? Questions must be received in writing by: August 12, 2015, by 3:00 p.m. All questions should be sent in writing to the attention of:

Sue Steele, CPPB
FAX: (727) 464-3925
Purchasing Department
400 S. Ft. Harrison Avenue
Annex Bldg. - 6th Floor
Clearwater, FL 33756

Written Requests for Interpretations/ Clarifications.
No oral interpretations will be made to any firms as to the meaning of this RFN. All questions pertaining to the terms and conditions or scope of work of this proposal must be sent in writing (as per above) to the Purchasing Department and received no later than the deadline specified in RFN. Responses to questions may be handled as an addendum if the response would provide clarification to requirements of the proposal. All such addenda shall become part of the RFN documents. The County will not be responsible for any other explanation or interpretation of the proposed RFN. The Purchasing Department will be unable to respond to questions received after the specified deadline.















Real Estate

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
TampaBaySites(04-2015)web.pdf PDF (640.93 KB) Administration 3/16/2018
Co-Star State of Industrial Market PDF (1.38 MB) Administration 8/14/2017
501Flyer2017-05-10-2sm.pdf PDF (678.39 KB) Administration 5/11/2017
501-8thFlrBD1.jpg JPG (486.04 KB) Administration 5/10/2017
501-3rd FlrBD1.jpg JPG (441.57 KB) Administration 5/10/2017
501-1stFlrBD1.jpg JPG (403.87 KB) Administration 5/10/2017
501-9thFlrDB1.jpg JPG (476.53 KB) Administration 5/10/2017
DansvilleRFN-No167-0251-RN.pdf PDF (25.73 MB) Administration 4/25/2017
Dansville04-24-2017LEGALAD.pdf PDF (246.14 KB) Administration 4/25/2017
Dansville04-24-2017ParcelMap46.pdf PDF (1017.34 KB) Administration 4/24/2017
Symposium Map and Parking PDF (588.61 KB) Administration 4/19/2017
Symposium Agenda 2017-04-10 PDF (273.96 KB) Administration 4/13/2017
Dansville156-0076-B (SS) Location Map PDF (1012.08 KB) Administration 5/4/2016
Dasnville 156-0076-P (SS) Contract for Sale PDF (38.74 KB) Administration 5/4/2016
Dansville 156-0076-B (SS) RFP - Sale of Property PDF (572.26 KB) Administration 5/4/2016
FHP 156-0173-P Bidders List.pdf PDF (43.03 KB) Administration 4/20/2016
FHP 156-0173-P (SS) Appraisal-Johnson.pdf PDF (7.47 MB) Administration 2/22/2016
FHP 156-0173-P (SS) Appraisal-Marr.pdf PDF (2.19 MB) Administration 2/22/2016
FHP 156-0173-P (SS) RFP - Sale of Property.pdf PDF (278.97 KB) Administration 2/22/2016
FHP Exhibit E Source Removal Report.pdf PDF (2.51 MB) Administration 2/22/2016
FHP Exhibit F - Phase II ESA Draft.pdf PDF (3.99 MB) Administration 2/22/2016
FHP Exhibits A-D.pdf PDF (434.45 KB) Administration 2/22/2016
IRB Appraisal PDF (6.53 MB) Administration 11/17/2015
IRBCompleteBidPkITB-156-0311-B(JJ)SaleRealProperty PDF (1.87 MB) Administration 3/22/2016
IRB O2015-21-2nd floor residential LDR amendments PDF (121.31 KB) Administration 10/7/2015
IRB Agenda memo second floor residential.pdf PDF (37.91 KB) Administration 10/7/2015
126th Flyer PDF (2.46 MB) Administration 8/12/2015
Pinellas Examines Airco Golf Course Potential (TBT PDF (1.75 MB) Administration 8/12/2015
Airco BCC Worksession Presentation 10-28-2008 PPTX (4.43 MB) Administration 8/12/2015
Airco Comp Plan Change for 118 acres to Industrial PDF (607.93 KB) Administration 8/12/2015
Airco Comp Plan Change for 10 acres to Commercial PDF (606.05 KB) Administration 8/12/2015
Airco Comp Plan Land Use Policies PDF (1000.61 KB) Administration 8/12/2015
Airco Market and Feasibility Study PDF (2.14 MB) Administration 8/12/2015
Airco Flyer PDF (446.52 KB) Administration 8/12/2015
Lealman Brownfield Map PDF (378.47 KB) Administration 8/12/2015
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