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Pinellas County Economic Development
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Pinellas County Situation Reports  

PCED Notifications for Business: Receive email notifications from Pinellas County Economic Development in case of an emergency, including County emergency plans, evacuation orders and re-entry procedures: www.pced.org/subscribe.

Pinellas Community Notification Service: Pinellas County Emergency Management will send you up-to-the-minute emergency reports on your cell phone via text messages through the Community Notification Service. To receive general public information on your cell phone, call 1-888-689-8905 from the device you wish to register and enter your zip code. You must be able to receive text messages from the device. This service does not work with pre-paid phones. If you donít have FREE text messaging on your cell phone, you will be charged 5 to 10 cents for each text message.
Pinellas County Resources: In the case of an impending storm or emergency, Pinellas County Emergency Management will provide the most up to date information for Pinellas County citizens and businesses.

Business Continuity and Disaster Planning Tools for Business

Disaster Recovery Information

Pandemic Influenza Links and Planning Tools for Business

The Pinellas County Health Department is partnering with businesses and organizations with more than 150 employees during public health emergencies in order to quickly save lives and maintain the continuity of business operations in our community. Though a Closed Point of Dispensing Program, selected private business locations may receive and dispense medicines to a specific population such as employees and their families during a public health emergency.  Joining the program is easy and a FREE benefit to your business, employees, and their families.  Learn more at http://www.pinellashealth.com/headline/Closed_PODs_Recruitment_Information_Packet_Fillable_Form.pdf 

or call Marc Jean at (727) 538-7277 ext.7195. 

Pinellas County Economic Development
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